Life can be hard! Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, job loss, grief, or low self-esteem? Reach out to me and I will walk with you and give you the tools to live life on life's terms!! Do you have young adults entering college soon or graduating with no direction? As a former school counselor, allow me to assist them in reaching their goals. My heart is in helping you improve! I have worked in a wide variety of mental health settings over the last 25 years in the business of counseling and I will work with you to resolve most problems that you may have. My specialty is with women's issues concerning postpartum depression and menopause as well as anxiety, depression, grief and loss. Since I have been a school counselor for over 14 years, my other niche is with young students who struggle with behavioral concerns, anxiety and stress over school assignments and grades at school or at home.

Meet Dr. Beth Campbell

Dr. Campbell is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Professional School Counselor offering Twenty Six years of experience in the Mental Health field. Facilitator of group and individual counseling for Children, Adolescence and Adults. Focused and determined to be a “helper” for the community. She has a Doctorate degree in Counseling and Psychology.